Friday, 30 June 2017

DIY Bardot Top

How are you?!
Sorrrry I haven't posted in soo long ....
This week I have for you a DIY bardot top, you may have seen this style on a whole bunch of celebs' and they are going to be a big trend I feel this summer so I want to show you how you can make your own for almost nothing.

You are going need 
A mans shirt I got mine from a charity shop and it was Michael Kors and 50p .. yes really 
A tape measure 
Fabric scissors
Safety pin
Pompoms (optional)

First off you need to cut the collar off the shirt across the shoulders.

Next up measure your elastic out across the width of the shoulders, then double it. (it doesn't need to be to accurate as you can adjust this later just leave a little extra than you need)

Now fold over the fabric to encase the elastic, you want this to be pretty tight, so the elastic wont twist as you fold the shirt, then pin where you want to sew.

Once you have pin the shirt round sew along the pins with a simple running stitch, removing the pins as you go.
Then turn your shirt the right way out and it should hopefully look a little like the picture above.

Now your shirt will be quite long, especially if your petite like me, so I cut a fair amount off to crop the shirt all you have to do is repeat what you did to the top to this end.

Your shirt will now have really long sleeves, your options here are turn them up as I have, or make them into short sleeves, but you will have to hem the sleeves so they don't fray.

There you have it a summer DIY and you can make your own unique summer shirt.

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