It has been that time of year when people flock to elsewhere to have a mid-year break from the reality of life!

I have been on my mid-year break to the Isle of Islay in Scotland on the west coast. 

So sit down get a cup of tea and enjoy some of my holiday snaps!

These are just a few of the amazing sunsets we have had while we were here and we were so fortunate to have such great weather!

And of course, there was plenty of wildlife wandering freely, since it's only a small island the farmers don't seem to worry they would ever lose them. Also, I had some eggs from Islay while I have been which are super free range as the chickens just roam where ever and I can honestly tell you I don't think I could eat another ''free range'' egg they taste scarily different.

And of course, plenty of adventures, some in a kayak which I still can't believe I did, but yeah, I had to have a few pain killers the next day from the aches, but the price of memories ay and a few beach days with my family and my fur babies!

And a holiday is not a holiday without a few fancy meals out and getting all dressed up and I have to tell you this tapas was tooo die for!

And after the busy, fun packed days my little babies were all tucked up snug ready for a good night sleep together despite having a bed each!

That my summer holiday summed up for you I hope you like some of the pictures.
Where are you off to this summer or where would be your dream destination?

Until Next Time


all the views are all my own not of anyone else's
view from my room 

sunset from the garden 

                                                                                             Its always nice to have a nice little get a away from the everyday crazy, hectic world. 
I am currently having a bit of that escape time in Scotland,
These are just a couple of shots I captured from my iPhone
of the surprisingly good weather. 
It has been very warm and sunny here in Scotland 
unlike the usual gales and rain storms  
however due to the beautiful weather 
I have been enjoying time on the beach with family and going on many walks.

Maybe its summer where you are and you are having a wonderful time too. Where ever you are, whatever you be doing, I hope you are having a nice day.

Until next time 

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