Helloooo! How is everything?
Trying to stay on top of trends and have the latest looks is always an exciting challenge, however fashion costs and can be expensive.
Recently, I have got into DIY projects, learning how to make certain items for a fraction of the price, and of course, I thought I would share this latest look with you, which I think every fashionista is going to be dying for.

You Will Need:
Mom / Boyfriend (style) Jeans
Pearl beads mixed sizes
Clear thread
Sewing needle

I got my Mom jeans from Boohoo, however you can get them anywhere, I wanted to find a decent pair, that was also a good price.
The "pearl" beads are from a shop on eBay which cost me next to nothing for nearly 100 beads.

The first thing I did was lay my jeans out, and map my pearls on the jeans, so I wasn't randomly sewing 100 pearls to my jeans.
I found that about 20 beads to each leg is a good amount.
Once I had mapped the pearls out, I took this photo above as my reference for where the pearls were to go.

The next step you need to find a small dish to keep the beads you want to use separate. 
I then began the veryyyy long task of sewing them on, you need to ensure that you sew around the bead at least 4-5 times to ensure they are securely fixed on, and then tie a tight knot inside the jeans.
I am not going to lie to you, this might be a way to make a cheaper and unique version of the pearl jeans, but it can take sometime sewing the pearls on, until you get use to your technique.
I would imagine I have spent roughly 6 hours, with a few rests in between, my main hassle was the clear thread which is very slippery. 

Finally after a small amount of blood, sweat but no tears I finished these bad boys.

It cost me around £20 to create them, with current high street prices ranging a lot higher, I feel the price may come down as the trend grows, but, if you want to be ahead of the trend, I would highly recommend giving it a go.
Even if you don't fancy sewing you can always try sewing glue, not always as reliable but you will still have the desired look.

Let me know in the comments below, do you like this look? Do you think it's the next big trend? and Will you be trying out this look?

Until Next Time


It's summer and that means that it's wedding season again!
I love a wedding because it means that my friends and/or family have met the ONE! 
Another reason I love weddings is because of the fashion I love thinking of all the different outfits I can wear and how I can style the different looks for different wedding attires and I love that you get to dress up.
I was chatting recently to Bonobos, about summer weddings and what to wear, so I thought I would share some of my favourite wedding looks and what I would wear with my "date", with you. 


Outfit One
This outfit I could imagine wearing to a Church or city wedding, the dress is so fun, I love how it can be dressed up so easily with a pair of heels a glitzy clutch and a bangle bracelet.

For my date, I would suggest a light blue shirt, with the first few buttons undone to give it a more casual vibe. I would then pair that with the light coloured trouser which gives it a nice summery touch. From Bonobos I would style the unconstructed wool blazer as the relaxed cut of the fabric makes it perfect for a wedding wear, as the attire isn't heavily formal and it's a great lightweight jacket for the warmer days throughout the summer. I would finish the outfit with some brown leather shoes as the anything darker would look to harsh.


Outfit Two
These outfits would be perfect for a garden style wedding, often with the weather being nicer in the summer, many couples have a garden weddings or weddings that are hosted in on manor grounds with massive gardens, so of course you want a look that fits with the surroundings.
I picture, I would wear a floral dress similar to this one from PLT which I love sooo much, I want to be invited to a wedding garden party just to get the dress. I would team this with some pink 'pearl' earrings that go really nice with the dΓ©colletage detailing on the dress, I also made the decision to choose flat sandals to go with my outfit as grass and heels DO NOT mix unless you have a pair of heel stoppers.

For my dates outfit, I have picked a pink blazer, from Bonobos, again, I have chosen the unconstructed wool blazer as being outside in the summer in the warmth can be quite a lot in a full suit. To add a dash more of sophistication to the outfit I went with a crisp white shirt with the blazer, it looks great and white is wayyy better to wear to wedding than a dark colour, plus you won't be melting in the sun while your sat in the ceremony. The trouser with the jacket can be a difficult combination, too light and it will throw the jacket out of balance, and too dark the whole outfit will just not work, I chose a light grey tweed pair from Bonobos, however there are load of other colours available in this style.


Outfit Three
My final look for today is for the more formal / black tie optional weddings, believe it or not when I get invited to weddings where the attire is black optional / formal I am pretty much ready to go, I love a black tie wedding where you have to get fully glammed up. 

Formal black tie weddings usually come with the tag of a strict dress code, I feel for women you have the choice of a very chic cocktail dress, or a long evening gown, for men I feel you need a well fitted tailored suit or tux.

For my outfit I found this stunning dress, I love the layered detailing of the red and blue, the dress on it's own I feel needs glamming up, to give it that WOW factor. 
I combined the dress with Oscar de la Renta earrings, which really bring it up a notch, the statment D&G bag gives the outfit it's own personality, however I feel the icing on the cake or the outfit, is really the Dsquared2 heels, I love pretty much all Dsquared2 shoes.

My date's look I decided to get very formal, I love this whole look, I think almost anyone could pull this look off.
The top half of the outfit is all Bonobos, the blazer I love in particular, it is from the capstone tuxedo jacket range, they have a variety of colours however to avoid looking like everyone else, and melting in a black jacket, I chose a navy jacquard colour, it looks amazing with a white shirt, you can find a wide variety of shirts on the website and a navy bow tie. 
For the trousers I went with a pair of black trousers which give the whole outfit a formal look, the shoes I felt needed to be black to go with the trousers, the shine on the leather however gives the outfit the finishing touch.

That's my wedding looks for you today, let me know which are your favourite looks are and if your going to any weddings this summer!
Don't forget to check out Bonobos' shop for all your wedding necessities and head over to their Instagram page to keep up to date with all the latest trends.

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How are you?!
Sorrrry I haven't posted in soo long ....
This week I have for you a DIY bardot top, you may have seen this style on a whole bunch of celebs' and they are going to be a big trend I feel this summer so I want to show you how you can make your own for almost nothing.

You are going need 
A mans shirt I got mine from a charity shop and it was Michael Kors and 50p .. yes really 
A tape measure 
Fabric scissors
Safety pin
Pompoms (optional)

First off you need to cut the collar off the shirt across the shoulders.

Next up measure your elastic out across the width of the shoulders, then double it. (it doesn't need to be to accurate as you can adjust this later just leave a little extra than you need)

Now fold over the fabric to encase the elastic, you want this to be pretty tight, so the elastic wont twist as you fold the shirt, then pin where you want to sew.

Once you have pin the shirt round sew along the pins with a simple running stitch, removing the pins as you go.
Then turn your shirt the right way out and it should hopefully look a little like the picture above.

Now your shirt will be quite long, especially if your petite like me, so I cut a fair amount off to crop the shirt all you have to do is repeat what you did to the top to this end.

Your shirt will now have really long sleeves, your options here are turn them up as I have, or make them into short sleeves, but you will have to hem the sleeves so they don't fray.

There you have it a summer DIY and you can make your own unique summer shirt.

Until Next Time


Hope you are well!
I have had a few hectic weeks, hence why I have been a bit quite on here.
But, now things have calmed down a bit with work, I can finally arrange to catch up with my friends, because we haven't seen each other in ages!
This week I thought I would share some looks for you for day time looks that can be easily transitioned to evening looks.


This look is perfect for running around during the day, while still looking cute. Then in the evening you can dress it up, with some half moon earrings from AU Rate New York and a fab faux fur fluffy jacket to glam it up.


This next look, I love for work, if you work in an office, but you have a date night after, you can wear the blazer during the day to keep that more conservative look.
Then in the evening, discard you blazer(in a safe place) and add a pop of colour with a statement lip colour and these earrings from AU Rate New York, which I really feel give the whole outfit that evening glamour look, and, it really transitions the whole look from day to night.


My final look this week you can literally wear the whole day, and look fabulous as ever. 
It translate into a great evening look for hanging out with friends and drinking wine. 
I feel these earrings from AU Rate New York really bring a sense of elegance with a cool edge to outfit, without making it too glam for day time.

I really hope you loved these outfits as much I do, my personal favourite would have the be outfit number 3, I love the whole look and you cannot go wrong with a bit of Louis Vuitton.
This post was inspired by the lovely people at AU Rate New York and they have a fabulous collection of jewellery on their website so do check out all the different styles they have.
All of the earrings featured in this weeks post are available to buy from there website also.

Until Next Time



I imagine you will be getting your Christmas jumper soon if you haven't already, now I know some people feel Christmas jumpers are dare I say tacky..? 
But I have got my favourite jumpers that are so stylish, people will be envious when they see you wearing it!

I have picked 4 out so you have one for each week in the run up to Christmas.

I love this one so much it! 
The quote on the jumper is from Elf which is one the best Christmas films!
It's an absolute bargain too at only £15 which for a jumper is pretty good!

Another classic is this one. 
The red and white of course is the classic Christmas colours you need.
Andddd, it's another film jumper, it's from Home Alone 2 and it's only £15 and comes in loads of different colours!

This has to be one of favourite ones this year, I absolutely love the detail the gingerbread man, it's a fairly simple design as a whole the jumper, but I think it's very chic I love as well how it's not brash and you can wear it and feel comfortable. 
Guess what?! It's only £15 as well!

Then last but not least pouts not sprouts, that's what we want, I'm not going to lie, I love Christmas, but the one thing I hate about it is Brussels sprout, the smell of them makes me sick, so that's why this Christmas I may have to get this jumper plus it's in petite so perfect for me as I'm only 5'3'', so I think this may be on my jumper wish list.
This jumper is a little more expensive than the others, but come in still at only £20!

Until Next Time

Merry Christmas


also this is not a ad/sponsor thingy I just liked the boohoo jumpers!

How are you? 
Recently Adore Me contacted me about flirty fall essentials and asked me if I could share some of my essentials with the #flirtyfallflatlay  
So today, I'm going to share with you today some of the my key autumnal/wintery looks, sleepwear that has a nice and cosy feel and even a activewear look to get you motivated!
It's all about confidence and knowing that can feel sexy no matter what, knowing you can still wear something that you know gives you that confidence, obviously no one has to know what your secret is, to your inner confidence it's all empowering yourself obviously if you wish to share it go for it girl!

This outfit I love so much, the jumper I literally live in.
It's from Primark and for the price I got it was a absolute steal and I think I have had it nearly 2 or 3 years.
I love to layer it with the red striped top and some nice thick black leggings.
I chose this bra as it goes with the colours it has the lace fringe detail which I love it was only £8 as well from Primark of course.
I love to glam it up a bit with some lippy 107 from Rimmel and some dark black mascara.

This is one of my favourite nightwear looks its just a massive shirt but its meant to be oversized so fits nice on my arm length.
I have put some earphones in with the flatlay as I like to listen to music in the evening to help me relax. 
Another way I like to relax is the hibiscus tea from Starbucks it's sooo nice and calming.

It may be autumn but I feel late-November you can get the velvet look stuff out and get in a Christmasy mood so this way you can low key have a Christmas-ish look.
My top is a silvery velvet colour and then I paired this with my black jeans.
The blue bra is a new one I got from Victoria's Secret and it is so cute I love it!
If you want to maybe wear something a little bit warmer but your going out you could glam it up with a blue velvet choker and of course you can't go wrong with a Tiffany's bracelet.
For the make-up you could add some lashes mine are from MAC and the lipstick is from Kylie Jenner in the shade Leo which is my favourite colour everrrr!

This is my go to look for Zumba or the gym I love the whole look I feel ready to have a good work out when I have this outfit with me.
My pink sports bra I always take with me it is so cute and comfortable and very supportive.
My trainers are literally the best I have every had they are so comfy and support my feet so well and it has a really nice floral pattern, they are from Sainsbury's Tu which is pretty amazing for a supermarket.

I hope you liked my looks, let me know in the comments what some of your fall essentials are and don't forget to check out Adore Me's latest collections.

Until Next Time


Pre-Autumn Autumn style
Its that awkward time of year when it's cool half the day and scorching hot the other half. 

So that is why I thought that this week I would show you a few outfits put together on my Polyvore that are using layering techniques so that your not freezing in the morning and melting in the afternoon!

Outfit Number 1

Autumn OOTD 3 2016

This first look is great if you are wanting a, I just threw this on but I still look fab outfit, it's a very simply blue jeans you could wear black with a plain white tee, honestly you could get them anywhere from Primark to Topshop whatever float your boat/budget, what glam's the look up is the cape and handbag the cape I'm showing you is Burberry, but honestly, if you go to your local market over the weekend you can find really similar patterns and make your own I even did in a blog post a while ago click here to check out how your could make your own. If you don't fancy making one you can get them from your high street shops, however, I do still find them a bit pricey no where near as much as designers but  you can make them for a lot less. The bag is from peacocks you may want to sit when you hear the price, it's only £16.00 its amazing I couldn't believe it myself. The heals are Dorothy Perkins £38 for me the heels keep it fashionable if you get the warmth in the day and need to take your cape off.

Outfit Number 2

Autumn OOTD 2 2016

Honestly, I love this outfit so much it has such a cool and relaxed vibe to it. It again, something easy to throw together you just need a long sleeve crop top in either a basic black or white or you jazz it up with some horizontal stripes this top is from Topshop but I'm sure you can get it at most shops. The dungaree dress for me is so cute, I think it's just the right shape, styles and colour, I'm fairly picky with dungarees because I do feel you can easily go wrong with them, especially if you are a petite girl like me and they can drown you a little if you don't get the right shape and size for you, this pair of dungarees are from Miss Selfridge at £46. 
I do also feel with this outfit for a handbag you want something that is simple and classic and with a tan satchel bag you cannot go wrong.
 It wouldn't be an autumnal look without ankle books you either wear these with a pair of frilly socks if its a warmer day or pair it with some black tights if it's going to be cooler.

Outfit Number 3

Autumn OOTD 2016

This is my final outfit for this week, but I could just live in this one I'm not going to lie to you I do. It's so comfy yet as an air of sophistication in that you need all very chilled out clothing items for it to work, so you need your crop cami mine is £6 from Topshop, the legging is the next part honestly my advice is go for the 100% cotton the you won't have any see-through issues I usually get the £3 one from Primark. As for the jumper you can loads of different slogan / applique ones I recently got one at a vintage sale an I love it soo much, you can also find them in boutiques and charity shops, but if you get one from the high street do be aware they it may come at a price.

Next, you need a chic backpack like this black faux leather one fairly small but big enough to get your keys, phone and purse in.
It wouldn't be an outfit without shoes so when I wear this outfit I like to steal my sisters white converses and it does the trick nicely.
If you wanted to accessorize the look you could get the autumn essential pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks if you have never tried it you need to!! And of course you need sunglasses in autumn with the sun still being there and it can be quite intense to some days. 

Until Next Time


Summer clear out 
Usually people have a massive clear out in the spring hence the term 'spring clean' however I need more space in my room so I'm having a summer clear out and so I'm going to sell some of my stuff of my eBay - 
But unfortunately I can't get everything on there due to the amount of things you can sell, however I thought why not share everything on here with you lovely bunch and if you like any of the item and would like to buy it from me feel free to drop me an email click here and let me know what you want and we can sort that out for you! 

All payments are via PayPal so it’s not dodgy.


UK Sizes left to right row by row
5/6 , 5 , 6 , 6 , 6 , 5 , 6 , 6

UK sizes left right row by row
8 , 8/10 , M/44 , 12 , L , 12 , 12 , bundle of 4 size 12 , 12 , 12, 12, 10

UK sizes left right row by row
10 , 12 , 12

UK sizes left right row by row
8 , 12/14 , 12/14 , 8/10 , 12 , 12 , 14 , 12 , 12 , M , 12 , M , L , M/L , S/M , 14

I hope you liked everything and if you did like anything in particular don't forget to drop me an email.

Until Next Time


Festival fashion!!

 So you may know that I love fashion if you read my blog, but what you may not know about me is I also love music ( I am radio presenter when I'm not on the internet ) and so when it's festival season well its my time of year! I love how music and fashion is combined, I feel festival season really kicks off about now since Glastonbury has just happened, but you also get like a little pre festival season with Coachella, which I would give my right arm to go to but maybe one day.
I have for you this week festival fashion! If your looking for looking for outfit inspiration so you can get that festival vibe or you need some more outfit options for a festival your going to then look no further!

Look number 1

This first look is so cute I absolutely love this outfit it has like a summer Grecian vibe, it will be great for festivals and you can pair it up with bracelets and obvs some boots if your at festival as it's a must unless you don't like your feet, you are going to want something that gives you good protection because the festival grounds can be treacherous especially after a few days of people wondering round and especially if you in the UK where the it rains everyday and it turns in to a mud bath.
If you love this outfit as much as I do and you need it now then click here or on the picture and it will take you to my eBay where you can purchase it.

Look number 2

This look I think is so nice it has a girly yet festival look. The dungarees are amazing as they are made from cotton but look and feel like denim so if it pours it down at a festival then it will not get all nasty and irritating like wet denim does. 
If you love this look then you know what to do click here or on the picture to go get it!

Outfit number 3

This outfit is more an item but they are so nice and great for festivals and you can wear it maybe with a white t-shirt and maybe the backpack further down would look great with this. If you would like these harem pants? trousers? then you can get them by clicking here or the picture!


Now you probably know that going to festival without some sort of bag is probably not the best idea as you need to keep your money, phone, passes, water etc etc all in one place so here I have for you some small to medium bags that you can just put on your shoulders and not have to worry about!

Give the bags a click if you like the look of them to get you to my eBay!

If you do buy any of the outfits or item let me know on my social media or here and tag me if you go to festival and show me your outfits!

Until Next Time


I would just also like to say that I have bought these all out of my own money and the views are all my own not anybody's else.

H&M Summer time!

So bloglovin' and H&M are looking for the 'Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year' and so I have put together a few of my recent purchases from H&M to show you some of my summer looks and help inspire your summer OOTD (outfit of the day), since this week in the UK we have had a bit of summer, however it might be over as its meant to rain later...

So this dress is from H&M and I actually got it in a sale for only £7! 
It is so cute and I love the Moroccan style print on the fabric as it really gives it that summer holiday vibe, also the fabric is really light-weight so you won't get too hot in the sun. It also has a really cute string crossover bit on the sides of dress.
My shoes I am wearing are from Tesco believe it or not, from the F&F collection and they are super cute and comfy to wear and only £8.
I feel like this look would be nice to wear for a BBQ or summer garden party, or just out and about.

This is one of my favourite go to looks in the summer, it's a t-shirt dress and they are always so nice to wear as they are easy to throw on and look effortlessly stylish! It was £7.99
I dressed this up with my Coachella bracelets (£6.99) and a little purse/clutch which has gold writing which has a hint of rose touch to it (£3.99) which are all from H&M!!
Also I am wearing my sandals from F&F again with this look, but, a nice pair of converse's would also look great with this too.

This is my more UK summer style look, with a light-weight t-shirt (£7.99) you can layer it so if it warms up throughout the day you can be cool, but you can also layer it with a nice light jacket if the weather is being a bit typically British summer and its a bit cool. I paired it with my black skinny jeans which are from new look and my converse.
My top in this look I love, it says on the tee 'don't steel my wifi' which obviously is an important message, especially in the summer because you need to make sure you can post those summer selfies to Instagram!

Until Next Time


I would just also like to say that I have bought these all out of my own money and the views are all my own not anybody's else.


You have to love prom it is the one or two times you can dress like a Princess/Prince or just dress up to the nines.
 It is the one evening when you can just be as fabulous as you want to be,
 I have to say personally for my two proms the first I went in a full princess ball gown dress
and the second prom dress was a more formal prom so I went Kardashian chic as I say.

But if you are struggling to find an outfit for prom, something that is actually nice and also affordable, don't worry I am here to help you with just that!

As I have Prom for £30 !!

 I recently found this red one shoulder prom dress with red flowers down one shoulder. 

It is perfect to be formal enough for Prom, as well as looking great and feeling great on. 
If you would like this dress then either click the pictures or click here.

Also if you want to pair these lovely shoes they are also available to buy on my eBay  for £7 click the pictures or click here and then you will have all your look  complete, you just need is a clutch to match!?

Ahh voilΓ ! Look I have one of those too! So your LOOK is complete all you need to do now is get ready and go!
click the picture to buy or click here
£5 for clutch 
£27 total! AMAZING!!

However, if you are wanting to go less drama and you are looking for pink elegance then why not take a look at this fabulous dress that will make you Princess ready.
If you want to buy this then click here or the photos

I also have these lovely high heels that are sparkly and go with the pink dress perfectly; which are £8.
click the photo or click here

I also have a cream vintage clutch which goes great with this outfit also available on my eBay for £7 click here or the picture.

All together this prom look is £30!


The final look I have for you is a long elegant one shoulder Binky dress for under £30.

This also available on my eBay for £17.99
Either click here or the pictures to look further on my eBay!

I have this beautiful clutch from Coast for only £6 on my eBay either click here or on the picture.

And to finish the outfit off you could complete it with this glittery shoes for also £6 from Zara, on my eBay. Click here to reach them or the pictures.

The total for this out fit is £29.99. A designer look for less!

If you do buy any of the outfits or item let me know on my social media and tag me when you go to prom!

Until Next Time


I would just also like to say that I have bought these all out of my own money and the views are all my own not anybody's else.

How to make a blanket wrap!

The current rave of this season is arguably the blanket wrap, they are in every high street store and have taken a twist on the traditional poncho.

However what you maybe thinking as I was is that they are expensive even in some of the 'cheaper' stores
 but in my post for you this week I am going to show you how you can make one for less than half the store prices.

You will need:
150cm X 150xm of fabric of your choice 
either a sewing kit i.e. thread and a needle/ sewing machine or you a can use a fabric glue
Fabric scissors

Step 1
You will need buy 150cm x 150cm of fabric of your choice you can either look for some on ebay, online, local markets or your local fabric/craft shop.
I bought this from my local market (for £5 a meter) and I got a beige tartan colour, as the tartan print, is the main print for the trend. However there is lots of different patterns you try to get your own unique wrap. This one I got is quite a thick fleece fabric as this will be wearable even when it gets in to the more colder winter months. 

Step 2:
You now need to fold your fabric in half and you need to get your tape measure out (or you can just use your rule if you don't have a tape measure) and measure 80.5 cm up the fold of the fabric.

Once you have marked at 80.5cm, you will then need to get your scissors, and make a cut of no more than 1cm into the fabric.

Step 3:
This is the step which is going to start making your fabric look like more like a wrap. You will need to open up you fabric and mark a line down to the bottom and then cut as accurately a straight line as you can to the 1cm cut in the center, don't worry though because it will neaten up further along.

Step 4:
Once you have cut the line through the middle, at the top you will have 1cm cut across the top, which you cut earlier. You will then need to the measure 5cm across (where you cut the 1cm) with 2.5cm at the middle where the middle slit is.

Step 5:                                                                   Flip over your fabric if you need to so that it is on the wrong side (so it's on the side you wouldn't wear). You then need fold the two flaps inwards, you will then have made by cutting the down the middle and the top. Next pin the fabric to hold in place.

You will know that you have pined it correctly when the print matches up, like the picture on the right. 
Step 6:
The folds you have made now need either gluing or sewing together to hold it permanently. This step is completely up to you, you can use fabric glue or sew it up, only remove the pins as you go, so, you don't have everything unfold.

This is the glue which I use sometime but there is lots of different ones you can get. 

I decided to sew mine on my sewing machine if you have a machine I would recommend leaving between 0.5cm-1cm allowance on a straight stitch. 
Step 7:
Once you have joined the fabric your wrap will be almost ready to wear.
All you need to do now is to trim the sides to your size, I took 18cm off the right side (when flat) and 11cm off the left side. 
This was the perfect fit for me, I wear a UK 12 (US 8) but if you want it bigger then maybe only take slightly less off and more if you want it a smaller fit.

Once you have finished all the steps you will be ready to wear it and amaze all your friends when you tell them you made it. 
You can also customize it to make it unique to you maybe with some buttons or even tassels on the end and this will create a one of kind look that you won't see every other person wearing.

Until Next Time


That tartan dress one

It is that time of year again when we are back to layering and get the coats and jackets out again because it is finally Autumn (fall)!
I thought since it was fairly cold the other day, I would dig out an outfit and get in the spirit of the season.

 This is one of my go to outfits in the autumn/fall time. 
My tartan dress which my friend got me from a boutique its super cute, but, due to me having my coat on you cant see but it has faux leather/wet look short sleeves which gives it a cute unique touch to it.

 Also the dress is a light cotton fabric with a tartan print, it is so good to layer so you don't get too hot in the afternoon when the weather decides to have a last minute heat wave for a couple of hours.

My boots are from Select, which I decided to dress up a little with some black frilly socks over my tights which adds a little extra comfort to the boots as well.

My bag is from Matalan.
My coat was from Dorthy Perkins but I got it for an absolute steal on eBay for £4.20(about $6.37)!
My tribal phone case is from Claire's (accessories?).

Until Next Time


This is one of my go to outfits. I love having a nice floaty kimono as the statement in my outfit, it is so easy to throw together and it still looks fabulous! 
 I also LOVE my shoes which I have had for years they are soo comfy yet they look very put together.
Until next time Cera

It is the middle of winter here in the UK and the weather has come in full force, such as snow, gales and the stereotypical rain. So I decided to during the current horrible weather we are having here, I would put together a little outfit of the day, with a typical winters day cosy look.
This is one of my favourite looks during winter by layering a blouse with an embellishment on the collar, that perhaps that you could have worn in the summer, under a jumper to give those long cable knitted jumpers a bit of a revamp and giving you a edge and uniqueness to your outfit.   

Also with the outfit I love to wear my pair of heeled boots with gold buckles on the side (when it is not snowing or icy), with this I love to wear a pair of filly socks and I would say 99% of the time I match the colour of my socks to the jumper that I'm wearing.
Until next time Cera

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