Friday, 28 July 2017

Summer Wedding Looks with Bonobos

It's summer and that means that it's wedding season again!
I love a wedding because it means that my friends and/or family have met the ONE! 
Another reason I love weddings is because of the fashion I love thinking of all the different outfits I can wear and how I can style the different looks for different wedding attires and I love that you get to dress up.
I was chatting recently to Bonobos, about summer weddings and what to wear, so I thought I would share some of my favourite wedding looks and what I would wear with my "date", with you. 


Outfit One
This outfit I could imagine wearing to a Church or city wedding, the dress is so fun, I love how it can be dressed up so easily with a pair of heels a glitzy clutch and a bangle bracelet.

For my date, I would suggest a light blue shirt, with the first few buttons undone to give it a more casual vibe. I would then pair that with the light coloured trouser which gives it a nice summery touch. From Bonobos I would style the unconstructed wool blazer as the relaxed cut of the fabric makes it perfect for a wedding wear, as the attire isn't heavily formal and it's a great lightweight jacket for the warmer days throughout the summer. I would finish the outfit with some brown leather shoes as the anything darker would look to harsh.


Outfit Two
These outfits would be perfect for a garden style wedding, often with the weather being nicer in the summer, many couples have a garden weddings or weddings that are hosted in on manor grounds with massive gardens, so of course you want a look that fits with the surroundings.
I picture, I would wear a floral dress similar to this one from PLT which I love sooo much, I want to be invited to a wedding garden party just to get the dress. I would team this with some pink 'pearl' earrings that go really nice with the d├ęcolletage detailing on the dress, I also made the decision to choose flat sandals to go with my outfit as grass and heels DO NOT mix unless you have a pair of heel stoppers.

For my dates outfit, I have picked a pink blazer, from Bonobos, again, I have chosen the unconstructed wool blazer as being outside in the summer in the warmth can be quite a lot in a full suit. To add a dash more of sophistication to the outfit I went with a crisp white shirt with the blazer, it looks great and white is wayyy better to wear to wedding than a dark colour, plus you won't be melting in the sun while your sat in the ceremony. The trouser with the jacket can be a difficult combination, too light and it will throw the jacket out of balance, and too dark the whole outfit will just not work, I chose a light grey tweed pair from Bonobos, however there are load of other colours available in this style.


Outfit Three
My final look for today is for the more formal / black tie optional weddings, believe it or not when I get invited to weddings where the attire is black optional / formal I am pretty much ready to go, I love a black tie wedding where you have to get fully glammed up. 

Formal black tie weddings usually come with the tag of a strict dress code, I feel for women you have the choice of a very chic cocktail dress, or a long evening gown, for men I feel you need a well fitted tailored suit or tux.

For my outfit I found this stunning dress, I love the layered detailing of the red and blue, the dress on it's own I feel needs glamming up, to give it that WOW factor. 
I combined the dress with Oscar de la Renta earrings, which really bring it up a notch, the statment D&G bag gives the outfit it's own personality, however I feel the icing on the cake or the outfit, is really the Dsquared2 heels, I love pretty much all Dsquared2 shoes.

My date's look I decided to get very formal, I love this whole look, I think almost anyone could pull this look off.
The top half of the outfit is all Bonobos, the blazer I love in particular, it is from the capstone tuxedo jacket range, they have a variety of colours however to avoid looking like everyone else, and melting in a black jacket, I chose a navy jacquard colour, it looks amazing with a white shirt, you can find a wide variety of shirts on the website and a navy bow tie. 
For the trousers I went with a pair of black trousers which give the whole outfit a formal look, the shoes I felt needed to be black to go with the trousers, the shine on the leather however gives the outfit the finishing touch.

That's my wedding looks for you today, let me know which are your favourite looks are and if your going to any weddings this summer!
Don't forget to check out Bonobos' shop for all your wedding necessities and head over to their Instagram page to keep up to date with all the latest trends.

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