Friday, 4 August 2017

Making Your Space Unique

Hope you are well!

This week I am sharing a little interior design inspo' for you.
Having your own space is important, and making it your own is even more.
This is my room(at my holiday house) and how I personalised it.
My room is on the sea front, so of course I only thought it was fitting to have a slightly beachy theme.

Some of the main features I love in my room are aspects where I have made it my own. 
I created a small beach type area with candles to give it that cosy feel in the evening.
I love my candles that look like pebbles as they look so realistic, I mixed also a few real ones in too.
The boat you can see to the right of the photo, is actually a really cosy lamp, which I managed to get in a shop clearance.

One of my main features that I loveeeee love love is my photo wall, which admittedly needs more fairy lights, to hang pictures from, but I love to print pictures from my phone and clip them on to the fairy lights wire, it looks so nice and I love to look and remember all the memories.

However you can't always pin and stick pictures to your wall, and if you have a small room like me you can be stuck for space, a great way to show a lot of photos is with an electronic photo frame I love the ones Aura Frames have you can have all your photos showing in one place and have a new selection all the time without having to wait for prints to arrive.
The frames come in a variety of colours I love the rose gold one which I think would fit perfectly in any space in your house you can check out the colours here.

I hope my room gave you a bit of inspiration, if you are redecorating your room or if you are moving and looking for different ideas for around the house.
Let me know some of your favourite decor styles, and don't forget to check out Aura Frames on their page and give them a follow on Twitter for all the up to date information.

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