Wednesday, 31 December 2014

It is the middle of winter here in the UK and the weather has come in full force, such as snow, gales and the stereotypical rain. So I decided to during the current horrible weather we are having here, I would put together a little outfit of the day, with a typical winters day cosy look.
This is one of my favourite looks during winter by layering a blouse with an embellishment on the collar, that perhaps that you could have worn in the summer, under a jumper to give those long cable knitted jumpers a bit of a revamp and giving you a edge and uniqueness to your outfit.   

Also with the outfit I love to wear my pair of heeled boots with gold buckles on the side (when it is not snowing or icy), with this I love to wear a pair of filly socks and I would say 99% of the time I match the colour of my socks to the jumper that I'm wearing.
Until next time Cera

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