Sunday, 9 November 2014

Top 3 Winter Lip Balms

Winters is here so that mean snow frosted windows and all the little amenities of the season. However it also means that due to the harsh weather if you not careful you could have chapped lips which is never desirable that why I have my top 3 favourite lips balms to keep you moisturised!
1. Not in particular order Pink Bubbly by Vaseline as you can see from my brilliant camera ...not.. that its a bit worst for wear from being moved around taken everywhere!
2. Blueberry Blush lip butter by Nivea is a new love of mine that I discovered the other day on my way home. I can't even begin to describe the amazing scent this lip butter has but it somehow makes you feel like you have had a blueberry smoothie even though they are not even in season!
3. My last but not least is Rosy Lips by Vaseline this is perfect for having that hint of pink on you lips to match your rosy cheeks from the cold weather!
Until next time Cera

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