Friday, 19 August 2016

What in my bag?!

Youtubers and bloggers have done this countless times and I have been blogging a little while now so I thought it was about time I showed you what's in my bag!
However it is what in my bag realness, so, I'll not just show you my beauty products, however, I am a women so they will be some!

So this is my bag I got it on eBay for like £30 it looks a bit like a CĂ©line at a fraction of the price.

So this is my purse I'm using at the moment I love it so much it's a genuine HarrisTweed and I just love the colour gradient of pink to dark blue.

So this is my diary from PaperChase, I take it with me everywhere, and have all my appointments and meeting in there because you never know when your phone will give up on you, and you can store additional notes in this too it just helps me feel more organised person.

This is my Victoria's secret spray, I have few so I can change it up every now and again with different scents, they are so handy just to throw in your bag.

Now no woman's handbag is complete without some hand stuff so I have Crabtree&Evelyn pomegranate ultra moisturising hand therapy cream it smellsss soooo good! Also I have Aveeno which is like oxygen to my skin as I can get quite bad eczema so it helps like a miracle and of course you need some hand sanitiser so I have this cute one from Primark!   

Hair grips if you have thick hair you know the feels especially when its humid I have like 9000 grips to stop hair from going to crazy!

I get random headaches so I have these always on hand they work pretty fast so I would recommend having these in your bag!

These are my glasses I try and wear them when I read and write so I always have them in bag because you never know when you will need them.

This is the part when it gets handbag realness yes I have almost finished tropicana in my bag. 

I have all my work also in my bag and a tone of pens because you can never have enough and my work iD.

BabyLips Dr Rescue it's amazing I've literally never had chapped lips since I've bought this, it is honestly the best £4 ish you can spend. I also have Extra gum bubble flavour because you always need keep your breath fresh.

Finally I have an umbrella from Next because I live in England and well it can rain any moment as the weather flips in a moments notice so you don't want to get caught in the rain.

That is everything I have in my bag let me know in the comments what is your handbag essential is?

Until Next Time



  1. Such a fun post, girlie, you've given me an idea to add bobby pins to my bag because I'm always in need of them! Though my hair isn't too thick, it's curly and you know how that goes when humidity kicks in, NOT cute, haha! I also really love that wallet, it's so cute and I haven't seen one like that before! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead, girlie!



    1. awhh thanks yeah they can be a life saver sometimes, my wallet is from Scotland I think Harris tweed is a Scottish brand