Friday, 17 March 2017

DIY Phone cases

Phone cases are the must have accessory for any fashionista.

I recently changed my phone, I had quite the collection and, now I'm rebuilding the collection for my new phone.

Phone cases can be expensive so I thought why not create DIY cases and share them with you.

You will need... clear phone cases, decorative bits and bobs, and glue to stick things on with.

These cases are silicon I got them on eBay for about £2 in TOTAL! 

The bits and bobs I got from Tesco and the MissGuided sticker I got with a purse for about £1.20 so if you look around you can get some bargains and get some very cheap, unique phone cases.

This case is my favourite, because, glitter. 
It's so simple to make, you simply just need to place the glue where you want it, and then chuck your glitter on and then let it set for a few hours, once fully dried you will need to glue the glitter again with a fine coat to seal it or you will have glitter everywhere!

I hope you liked my phone cases let me know what your favourite is and send me picture on twitter if create your own!

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