Friday, 1 July 2016

Festival fashion!!

 So you may know that I love fashion if you read my blog, but what you may not know about me is I also love music ( I am radio presenter when I'm not on the internet ) and so when it's festival season well its my time of year! I love how music and fashion is combined, I feel festival season really kicks off about now since Glastonbury has just happened, but you also get like a little pre festival season with Coachella, which I would give my right arm to go to but maybe one day.
I have for you this week festival fashion! If your looking for looking for outfit inspiration so you can get that festival vibe or you need some more outfit options for a festival your going to then look no further!

Look number 1

This first look is so cute I absolutely love this outfit it has like a summer Grecian vibe, it will be great for festivals and you can pair it up with bracelets and obvs some boots if your at festival as it's a must unless you don't like your feet, you are going to want something that gives you good protection because the festival grounds can be treacherous especially after a few days of people wondering round and especially if you in the UK where the it rains everyday and it turns in to a mud bath.
If you love this outfit as much as I do and you need it now then click here or on the picture and it will take you to my eBay where you can purchase it.

Look number 2

This look I think is so nice it has a girly yet festival look. The dungarees are amazing as they are made from cotton but look and feel like denim so if it pours it down at a festival then it will not get all nasty and irritating like wet denim does. 
If you love this look then you know what to do click here or on the picture to go get it!

Outfit number 3

This outfit is more an item but they are so nice and great for festivals and you can wear it maybe with a white t-shirt and maybe the backpack further down would look great with this. If you would like these harem pants? trousers? then you can get them by clicking here or the picture!


Now you probably know that going to festival without some sort of bag is probably not the best idea as you need to keep your money, phone, passes, water etc etc all in one place so here I have for you some small to medium bags that you can just put on your shoulders and not have to worry about!

Give the bags a click if you like the look of them to get you to my eBay!

If you do buy any of the outfits or item let me know on my social media or here and tag me if you go to festival and show me your outfits!

Until Next Time


I would just also like to say that I have bought these all out of my own money and the views are all my own not anybody's else.