Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Flirty Fall Essentials

How are you? 
Recently Adore Me contacted me about flirty fall essentials and asked me if I could share some of my essentials with the #flirtyfallflatlay  
So today, I'm going to share with you today some of the my key autumnal/wintery looks, sleepwear that has a nice and cosy feel and even a activewear look to get you motivated!
It's all about confidence and knowing that can feel sexy no matter what, knowing you can still wear something that you know gives you that confidence, obviously no one has to know what your secret is, to your inner confidence it's all empowering yourself obviously if you wish to share it go for it girl!

This outfit I love so much, the jumper I literally live in.
It's from Primark and for the price I got it was a absolute steal and I think I have had it nearly 2 or 3 years.
I love to layer it with the red striped top and some nice thick black leggings.
I chose this bra as it goes with the colours it has the lace fringe detail which I love it was only £8 as well from Primark of course.
I love to glam it up a bit with some lippy 107 from Rimmel and some dark black mascara.

This is one of my favourite nightwear looks its just a massive shirt but its meant to be oversized so fits nice on my arm length.
I have put some earphones in with the flatlay as I like to listen to music in the evening to help me relax. 
Another way I like to relax is the hibiscus tea from Starbucks it's sooo nice and calming.

It may be autumn but I feel late-November you can get the velvet look stuff out and get in a Christmasy mood so this way you can low key have a Christmas-ish look.
My top is a silvery velvet colour and then I paired this with my black jeans.
The blue bra is a new one I got from Victoria's Secret and it is so cute I love it!
If you want to maybe wear something a little bit warmer but your going out you could glam it up with a blue velvet choker and of course you can't go wrong with a Tiffany's bracelet.
For the make-up you could add some lashes mine are from MAC and the lipstick is from Kylie Jenner in the shade Leo which is my favourite colour everrrr!

This is my go to look for Zumba or the gym I love the whole look I feel ready to have a good work out when I have this outfit with me.
My pink sports bra I always take with me it is so cute and comfortable and very supportive.
My trainers are literally the best I have every had they are so comfy and support my feet so well and it has a really nice floral pattern, they are from Sainsbury's Tu which is pretty amazing for a supermarket.

I hope you liked my looks, let me know in the comments what some of your fall essentials are and don't forget to check out Adore Me's latest collections.

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