Friday, 18 November 2016

Lash'n'Brow Magic

Growing up, my Mum always gave me great beauty tips for looking after yourself.

One of those has stuck with me, that I swear by, and, it helps you grow and maintain your 'lashes and 'brows!

I have always received comments about how naturally full my brows are, and, how long my lashes are naturally.

It was all down to a beauty hack my Mum taught me and you may be surprised when you hear this.....  Vaseline. Yes, really it honestly works wonders.

All you need is Vaseline and something to apply it with, I get the disposable mascara wands from Amazon, they are soo cheap and you won't feel bad about just chucking them in the bin afterwards because they can be so cheap

Simply get your wand and roll it in the Vaseline, until it is coated nicely, and then simply comb it through your lashes it may make your lashes look a little clumpy but this is just while you let them absorb.

Then for your brows, it's pretty much the same just give it a good comb through and you could even apply it to the outer areas of your brow to encourage them to grow out 

I would say you may want to probably do this twice a week for a couple of weeks before you see any major results as it doesn't work overnight, but, I promise you once you get them going you will be hooked.

Usually when I will let my brows to grow out a bit and then I will go and get them shaped as it will give that definition to your face even if your brows look a little untamed for a week you never know you might even start a trend... even though Cara Delevingne kinda has the full brow look going on, but, you can make it your own!

Not only is this a great hack for growing your eyebrows and lashes, it is a great and easy way to moisturise them too

Let me know your beauty hacks below and let me know if you do this too!

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