Friday, 3 June 2016


You have to love prom it is the one or two times you can dress like a Princess/Prince or just dress up to the nines.
 It is the one evening when you can just be as fabulous as you want to be,
 I have to say personally for my two proms the first I went in a full princess ball gown dress
and the second prom dress was a more formal prom so I went Kardashian chic as I say.

But if you are struggling to find an outfit for prom, something that is actually nice and also affordable, don't worry I am here to help you with just that!

As I have Prom for £30 !!

 I recently found this red one shoulder prom dress with red flowers down one shoulder. 

It is perfect to be formal enough for Prom, as well as looking great and feeling great on. 
If you would like this dress then either click the pictures or click here.

Also if you want to pair these lovely shoes they are also available to buy on my eBay  for £7 click the pictures or click here and then you will have all your look  complete, you just need is a clutch to match!?

Ahh voilΓ ! Look I have one of those too! So your LOOK is complete all you need to do now is get ready and go!
click the picture to buy or click here
£5 for clutch 
£27 total! AMAZING!!

However, if you are wanting to go less drama and you are looking for pink elegance then why not take a look at this fabulous dress that will make you Princess ready.
If you want to buy this then click here or the photos

I also have these lovely high heels that are sparkly and go with the pink dress perfectly; which are £8.
click the photo or click here

I also have a cream vintage clutch which goes great with this outfit also available on my eBay for £7 click here or the picture.

All together this prom look is £30!


The final look I have for you is a long elegant one shoulder Binky dress for under £30.

This also available on my eBay for £17.99
Either click here or the pictures to look further on my eBay!

I have this beautiful clutch from Coast for only £6 on my eBay either click here or on the picture.

And to finish the outfit off you could complete it with this glittery shoes for also £6 from Zara, on my eBay. Click here to reach them or the pictures.

The total for this out fit is £29.99. A designer look for less!

If you do buy any of the outfits or item let me know on my social media and tag me when you go to prom!

Until Next Time


I would just also like to say that I have bought these all out of my own money and the views are all my own not anybody's else.

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